I took a small visit to Szeged with my wife. In summer, when students are not in twon, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, but not extinct. Hungarian new wave coffee bars are not only in Budapest. There are at least 5 specialty cafe in Szeged. Our choice is fell on KÉK ELEFÁNT / BLUE ELEPHANT /.

My wife should avoid caffeine & milk. At this brilliant place, this was not a problem.  San Augustín Columbian decaf is produced by natural method. Caturra & Castillo variety varieties give orange-like, milk chocolate-like & walnut_like aromas. The preparation of almond-rice ‘milk-foam’ is the secret of the bar. It was surprisingly unique!

I tried a cooling coffee cocktail. If you are around, just ask ET. E = Espresso, T = Tonic. Espresso was made of Brazilian Sitio da Onca which reminds figs, chocolate & grape fruit. A mixture of this coffee and tonic gave an exotic atmosphere – the barista just described it as pomelo-like feeling.



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