If we look at the range of the new wave cafes, then Budapest Baristas owns certainly one of the first places. They know well all the best roasteries in Hungary, so it is guaranteed that they will only make the best ones in the grinders. They’ve been working with Casino Mokka for some time and now Awaken is a new player there.

From the first moment the mood was so friendly as if we had known each other with the baristas for a long time. After a few sentences it turned out that my interest in coffee culture was more intense than the average, so a good conversation broke out among us and I became enriched with other knowledge crumbs when I was tasting my double espresso.

I had an Brazil arabica, natural processed Awaken espresso. The walnut and chocolate flavors were associated with mild acidity and bodied tastes.

The Ethiopian Casino Mocca’s much acidic, forest fruity, blackcurrant notes were truly embodied in a double espresso.

The matcha with almond-rice milk was as good as we expected. The ratio of the matcha powder and milk was perfect. It is also worth taking a sip from the light foam and the silky nectar underneath it.



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