I’m Laszlo from Hungary. I will be officially a chocolate- , coffee-, & tea maker specialist engineer & consultant soon / Education of the Faculty of Food Sciences at Szent István University /

I want to share with you all of my coffee, tea and chocolate experiences. You will see where to try the greatest ones. Come with me to the andventures of flavors around the World. Be opened!




‘… & they brought to him a man who was deaf & had an impediment in his speech; & they besought him to lay his hand upon him. & taking him aside from the multitude privately, he put his fingers into his ears, & he spat and touched his tongue; & looking up to heaven, he sighed, & said to him, ” Eph’phatha”, that is, “Be opened”. & his ears were opened, his tongue was released, & he spoke plainly.’ / Mk 7, 32 -35 /



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