On the 4-day-long weekend,  due to the Hungarian National Holiday, we could discover a fancy place called ÉBRESZTŐ (WAKE UP). We were welcome by a Scandinavian-style interior and living space, which is no coincidence because the UPTOSTYLE offline shop that is inspired by Denmark is also represented here.

I chose a light sandwich for breakfast with double espresso. You can find the description of the coffee in among the pictures. The promised mango, papaya and cranberry flavors were actually present in this coffee.

Dóri’s cardamom flavored chai almond-rice latte drink is specially for autumn and winter season. We thought it would be better if it was not so sweet. Maybe next time we should try a more neutral plant milk, for instance normal almond milk.

The mood of this café is very inspirational. You will really wake up when you get here. Good quality AWAKEN coffee is guaranteed to take care of further waking.




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